Melon Pickle

Welcome to my Blog

A place where I will delve deep into things both personal and technical. In the posts below, and to come, I will explore the inner workings of myself, code, work, life and love. I will share my experiences in hope that you will glean some information that may in some way enrich your life. 

If there is a topic that you would like me to look into, send me a message and I will have a look and see if I am able to put something together for you.

I hope you feel welcome here, and enjoy yourself as you learn more about me and the things I love.

My Core Personal Values

I performed a study into my core personal values, and what drives me. What do I view as success? What do I strive for and why?

Read about my values
What People Think of Me

In my research into my personal values, I reached out to those close to me to find out what they thought of me. And to see if what they thought of me lined up with my own views.

Find out what people think
Foundations Reflections

As I began the monumental task of the foundations segment of the EDA Bootcamp, I took the opportunity to reflect on what I had learned.

Reflect on my reflections